Advocating for Wyoming’s Community Colleges

WACCT Awards

The WACCT annually recognizes nominees and awards one person for each of six categories that are then forwarded on to the ACCT for consideration in the Western Region. The categories include Student, Trustee, Foundation Volunteer, Faculty Member, Professional Employee and Classified Employee. The ACCT considers nominees in the Trustee, Faculty, and Professional Board Staff Member categories.

2019 WACCT Leadership Awards

  • Student – Jenn Pfisterer – CWC
  • Faculty – Art Washut – CC
  • Classified – Tara Goltermann – CC
  • Professional Employee – Stan Nicolls – EWC
  • Trustee Leadership – Dusty Spomer – NWC
  • Foundation Volunteer – John Clay – LCCC

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Student Award – Jenn Pfisterer – Central Wyoming College and Dr. Brad Tyndall

Faculty Award – Art Washut – Casper College and Dr. Divine

Professional Employee Award – Stan Nicolls – Eastern Wyoming College with Dr. Travers

Trustee Leadership Award – Dusty Spomer – Northwest College with Dr. Hicswa

Foundation Volunteer of the Year – John Clay – Laramie County Community College – with Dr. Schaffer


2018 Nominees and Recipients 

Classified Employee

Sue Schmidt, Eastern Wyoming College

CC Danielle Gallegos
CWC Dee-Ann Isenhart
EWC Sue Schmidt
LCCC Joe Arenas
NWCCD Chad Trebby
NWC Diana Gwynn
WWCC Carrie Piazza

Faculty Member

Aura Newlin, Northwest College

CC Jeremy Burkett
CWC Stacey Stanek
EWC Susan Walker
LCCC Rob Benning
NWCCD Mark Thoney
NWC Aura Newlin
WWCC Susan Heyborne

Foundation Board Member

Chuck Brown, Eastern Wyoming College

CC Charlotte Babcock
CWC Joyce Dauler
EWC Chuck Brown
LCCC Anna Marie Hales
NWCCD John Pearson
NWC Harriet Bloom-Wilson
WWCC Dick Boettcher

Professional Employee

Amanda Enriquez, Northwest College

CC Melissa Stanley-Cummings
CWC Amara Fehring
EWC Diane McQueen
LCCC Terry Cook
NWCCD Brady Fackrell
NWC Amanda Enriquez
WWCC Dianna Renz


Hayley Greenawalt, LCCC and Dr. Joe Schaffer

CC John Jay Livingston, III
CWC Rebekah Hutchinson
EWC Jared Pilkington
LCCC Hailey Greenawalt
NWCCD Britt Fidone
NWC Emiliano Mendez
WWCC Shayla Patterson


Susan Miller, Casper College

CC Susan Miller
CWC Colton Crane
EWC Michael Varney
LCCC Don Erickson
NWCCD Robert Leibrich
NWC Nada Larsen
WWCC Tom Spicer

2017 Recipients

Foundation Board Member
Kathryn Kelly
Eastern Wyoming College

Marnee Crawford
Northwest College

Classified Employee
Steve Armijo
Casper College

Amy Childester
Central Wyoming College

Professional Employee
Chuck Carr
Central Wyoming College

Trustee Leadership
Carolyn Danko
Northwest College