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Wyoming’s community colleges are the heart of the state and at the center of progress. In order to advance awareness of the necessity and benefits of our community colleges, the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees advocates for their needs and works to protect the flexible, accessible environments the colleges provide across the state.



Promotes the quality and vitality of community colleges


Incites action that shapes public policy


Leads advocacy efforts


Is the central source of information for WY community colleges

WACCT works cooperatively with the Wyoming Community College Commission and with industry partners in front of the Wyoming Legislature and policy makers. Our goal is to shape public policy so it strengthens community college education, which in turn strengthens our Wyoming communities.

Supporting Wyoming’s

The students at Wyoming’s community colleges are the future workforce of Wyoming; they will shape Wyoming’s future. By supporting the community colleges, we are building a stronger Wyoming.

Community colleges award over 3,000 associate degrees and certificates.
37% of graduates report full-time employment six months to one year after graduation.
42% of graduates report part-time employment six months to one year after graduation.
These graduates become Wyoming’s workforce and community members.

By advocating for community colleges at the federal and state levels, working with legislators, other elected officials, and regulators to protect and enhance Wyoming’s community colleges, WACCT aims to shape public policy that strengthens community college education.

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Watch how community college students help to meet the needs of Wyoming’s future.

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